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Disconnect to Reconnect


Wanderland is a yoga and sustainable lifestyle learning centre to explore different practices, recreational activities in nature and practice yoga. We have a holistic approach towards sustainability, perceiving it as a lifestyle and a belief system integrating all aspects of life. We are completely off grid, growing parts of our own food and using principles of permacuture to create a little paradise. We believe learning is best achieved through hands on experiences. Hagabrekka Wanderland is open to share this exploration of sustainable living and yoga with anyone that is interested. This is a continuous learning and growing journey for us as well as for visitors. We encourage everyone who visits us to disonnect from the screen, let go of the stress of daily life and reconnect to nature, a simple lifestyle enojying the present moment and healthy sustainable living.



Feel the immersion into the Norwegian nature when you are staying in our very comfortable bell glamping tents. The sounds of nature will lull you to sleep, and wake you up to a beautiful view and fresh air. Surrounded by nature and peace but still in comfortable accommodation for you to be able to relax completely. A different experience for you and your loved ones. Included in every night spend is healthy delicious plant-based breakfast and morning yoga. We ask for a minimum of two nights for reservation.

Tree Tent / Hammock forest


This is the ultimate sleeping adventure for every nature lover. Imagine going to sleep floating in the air between the trees with the stars as your rooftop. With a view to the valley of Flatdal on the top of the hill you will truly feel the immersion into nature. In out hammock forest you are nestles in between the trees and will most likely encounter squirels and birds, maybe a moose during the night. Waking up to birds chirping, fresh air and an adventure richer. A very unique experience for you and your loved ones. 



Do you want to learn more about sustainable living? Then you are exactly the person we are looking for! We are offering an exchange-based learning experience. We ask for your time and effort, helping out in all parts of running our centre and you will receive knowledge in different aspects of sustainable living, all plant-based meals and shared accommodation. The hours you are not working you are free to join any of the activities happening at the centre. We do ask for a minimum of one month commitment from our volunteers and you will work 5 hours a day 5 days a week.



Yoga Retreats


Our purpose is to fill every day with smiles, laughter, enjoyment in experiencing and exploring, as well as indulging in healthy, mouth watering vegan meals. Imagine waking up to birds chirping, crisp fresh air with a view to the magical Norwegian nature. Yoga with a view, while inhaling some the planets cleanest air. Peace and serenity are filling your body and mind. Letting go of every day’s stress and taking in bliss and healing energy. Nourishing your body with healthy delicious vegan food, while detoxing from the constant pressure and information from today’s media. The only goal of the day is to enjoy the Norwegian nature, practice yoga, eat and choose what other activities you would like to join.



We offer different activities in the area. We have lots of suggestions for day hikes you can do on your own, as well as Sabin, who is certified mountain guide from Nepal can also guide you in the more difficult routes. We have stand up paddleboards for rent and some bicycles that can be used free of charge. There is lots of spaces for your own practice in yoga or whatever might interest you. We have a little arty, creative corner and for the ones who would like to know more about different aspects of sustainable living we offer workshops as well



We offer a big variety of workshops that can be arranged on request. From Plant-based cooking, permaculture, yoga and meditation, art to hiking and more active fun filled days. Write us a line a let us know what you would be interested in and we will give you more information.

About Us 

Wanderland is a dream that has grown and taken shape the last couple of years while living in diverse cultures growing and learning around our beautiful planet. Marita and Sabin are the founders of Wanderland and they are both very passionate about nature conservation and sustainable living. After traveling the world for years, working with environmental causes, teaching yoga and learning from people of all paths of life, the dream is to create a space close to nature for people to learn about sustainable living. They want to share knowledge with anyone who wants to start the path towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Any measures, small or big, makes a difference in the world.

Marita Liverød


Marita grew up in Sandefjord, Norway, but has for the last 12 years been conducting research, studying, traveling and working around the world. Marita has a bachelor’s degree in intercultural communication and a master’s degree in sustainable development. She has 1400 hours advanced yoga teacher training from India and Nepal, as well as a lot of courses in Ayurveda, meditation, pranayama etc. She has been teaching yoga across the world the last years and working a lot with permaculture and plant-based food with together with her husband Sabin. She is now combining her biggest passions in life; sustainable living, yoga and environmental awareness.

Sabin Shrestha


Sabin grew up in Nepal. He studied IT at university, but soon discovered that he was searching for a life with more meaning, peace, and mindfulness, connected to nature. He built his own guesthouse and restaurant in Pokhara (the main hub for starting the Annapurna Circuit), and while he was running his guesthouse, he discovered yoga and the amazing peace and challenge that is found in the Himalayas. He completed his guiding licence in 2018 and has since then been running trekking/yoga retreats parts of the year with his wife Marita. He is the owner of Wanderlust Yoga in Nepal. He is a certified yoga teacher as well as a passionate vegan chef.

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