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~ Exploring the path of Regenerative Living ~

Disconnect to Reconnect


Hagabrekka Wanderland is a sustainable lifestyle learning centre created to explore different practices towards regenerative living, recreational activities in nature, permaculture and yoga practice. We have a holistic approach towards sustainability, perceiving it as a lifestyle and a belief system integrating all aspects of life. We are completely off grid, growing parts of our own food, foraging wild herbs in the nature around us and using principles of permacuture to create a little paradise. We believe learning is best achieved through hands on experiences, so we are in the summertime open for anyone interested in learning about sustainable living. This is a continuous learning and growing journey for us as well as for visitors. We encourage everyone who visits us to disonnect from the screen, let go of the stress of daily life and reconnect to nature, a simple lifestyle enojying the present moment and healthy sustainable living. Want to come for a shorter visit? Join a yoga retreat: www.wanderlustyoga.no

Experiencing a different way of living

We aim to continue learning more every day, taking use of new technology in a way that can benefit all beings and the planet alike. By offering the experience of this sustainable way of living, we want to provide a 'toolkit' that anyone can use to make small changes in their life. Not only to live more in sync with nature, creating a more sustainable lifestyle, but also to increase happiness. We want to show that living sustainble does not mean that you have to give up joyeous parts of your life, on the contrary, you can live a richer life with more happiness. Increasing mindfulness in choices that you take, decrease in consumerism and materialism is a gift, not a loss. The experience of this can create a different perception, a change in values that show yoy how you can live more happy.


Our focus areas at this time in our project (updated 2024)

- Permaculture and food forests

- Restore an old house from 1877 to welcome more people into our learning program

- Organic gardening

- Wild foraging

- Reduction in consumption and water harvesting

- Circular economy, zero waste, ethics & lifestyle

- Compost and reuse

- Natural and energy efficinet building methods (reuse & local renewable resources)

- Renewable energy sources

- Plant-based diet and lifestyle

- Yoga, meditation and mindfullness

- Recreational value of nature preservation

- Building community

Our learning program at Hagabrekka Wanderland


Do you want to learn more about sustainable living? Then you are exactly the person we are looking for! We are offering an exchange-based learning experience. We ask for your time and effort, helping out in all parts of running our centre and you will receive knowledge in different aspects of sustainable living, all plant-based meals and shared accommodation in glamping tent. The hours you are not working you are free to join any of the activities happening at the centre. 


(UPDATE: we already have a waiting list for 2024, but feel free to write us if you are interested in coming in 2025)

For the season of 2024, we are offering two different time periods: 

27th May - 15th July 2024
21st July - 1st Sept 2024


You have to be committed to learning about veganism and sustainable lifestyle practices and be comfortable with a very simple way of living, far from what you are used to in your normal life. We are ‘off grid’ in the Norwegian nature with the challenges that the cold weather here brings. No running water, composting toilets and physically hard work every day. You will be living in a glamping tent, so you will always be outside, sharing the space with all the other loved inhabitant on our property; frogs, spiders, bees, an occasion snake and many more. In exchange of 5 hours helping out, 5 days a week we offer 3 meals a day, glamping and nature experiences, any activities that is going on outside of the hours you are helping out and human connections that you will remember forever ❤


If this is something that you are dreaming of, please send us a mail: post@wanderlustyoga.no with a introduction about yourself, your motivation to stay with us and what you think you can contribute with in our little community . We would love to hear from you.


Do you want a shorter visit or join a Yoga Retreat?


You are welcome to our little paradise, check out upcoming events or book your retreat at: www.wanderlustyoga.no


Our purpose is to fill every day with smiles, laughter, enjoyment in experiencing and exploring, as well as indulging in healthy, mouth watering vegan meals. Imagine waking up to birds chirping, crisp fresh air with a view to the magical Norwegian nature. Yoga with a view, while inhaling some the planets cleanest air. Peace and serenity are filling your body and mind. Let go of every day’s stress and take in bliss and healing energy. Nourishing your body with healthy delicious vegan food, while detoxing from the constant pressure and information overload from today’s media. The only goal of the day is to enjoy the Norwegian nature, practice yoga, eat and choose what other activities you would like to join.


About Us 


Wanderland is a dream that has grown and taken shape through many years of living in diverse cultures growing and learning around our beautiful planet. Marita and Sabin are the founders of Wanderland and they are both very passionate about nature conservation and sustainable living. After traveling the world for years, working with environmental causes, teaching yoga and learning from people of all paths of life, the dream is to create a space close to nature for people to learn about sustainable living. They want to share knowledge with anyone who wants to start the path towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Any measures, small or big, makes a difference in the world.

Marita Liverød


Marita Liverød grew up in Sandefjord, Norway, but moved from Norway and started her exploration of the world in 2007. Since then, she has been conducting research, studying, traveling and working in many corners of the planet. She has a master’s degree in sustainable development and 1400 hours advanced yoga teacher training from India, as well as a variety of courses in related fields. She has been teaching yoga across the world since 2014, retreats, TTCs, courses and drop-in classes. She has been working a lot with permaculture and plant-based food together with her husband Sabin. She is now combining her biggest passions in life; sustainable living, yoga and environmental awareness.

Sabin Shrestha


Sabin grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal. After studying IT in university, he went a different direction and built a Guesthouse and restaurant in Pokhara, the trekking hub of Nepal. Slowly, the passion for the mountains and yoga developed and he completed his trekking guide license in 2018. He has 700 hours ATTC as well as a diverse number of courses related to yoga. With a big passion for sustainable living, trekking, the yogic lifestyle and the continuous learning journey of life, he is always coming up with new ideas on how to solve challenges that are encountered with living off grid. Sabin is the Mr. fix it at Hagabrekka Wanderland and a passionate mushroom forager and vegan baker.